WATCH: Campus Reform Asks Students About Open Borders

On Tuesday, Campus Reform uploaded a video to YouTube in which Cabot Phillips asks students on the Trinity University campus about border security and "open borders."

In one exchange, a female student called a border wall "childish."

PHILLIPS: When you hear "border wall," what are the first few words that come to mind?

FEMALE STUDENT: I guess just ignorant and really childish.

In another, a male student claimed that "open borders" are a good thing. "I am no more entitled to live in this country than anyone else. I [just happened] to be born here, so it makes no sense that I should get all the advantages of living in the United States, and someone else should not."

When challenged by Phillips about how open borders would impact national security, the student replied, "Yeah, I suppose that’s a valid statement. Um, I mean."

Watch the entire video here:

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