With horrifying cases of terrorism perpetrated by Islamic extremists increasing around the globe, the left has taken it upon themselves to point out the “true” threat that we as Americans need to tackle: “Christian privilege.”

For those of you who live in reality and aren’t aware of “Christian privilege,” and could have sworn that there was a possible problem from a different religion, don’t worry. The left has your back.

Maisha Johnson, a self-described “queer black writer” and “activist,” enlightens Christians by listing all the “privileges” you bask in everyday—which you need to “recognize” and feel bad about. She also explains how you marginalize, forcibly convert, and abuse “people who aren’t Christian.” (Stop re-reading. You read that right.)

“It’s not about playing the Oppression Olympics of who has it worse – but the truth is, there’s no comparison at all. Being Christian in the US comes with the benefit of not having prominent political figures incite violence against you,” writes Johnson after explicitly naming Donald Trump as an inciter of “violent Islamophobic attitudes” within the United States.

“We have to recognize that everyone who’s not Christian is at a disadvantage,” she adds. “Valuing religious freedom means we have to do something about it.”

Because Christianity “insists on being the dominant norm in this country,” dirty, rotten Christians get to enjoy “perks” like having someone say Merry Christmas to you, or “having Starbucks print your religious holidays on their cups,” or not feeling “pressured to celebrate another religion’s holidays,” or, my personal favorite, being able to “evangelize” “without being accused of trying to ‘radicalize.’” Apparently, converting to Christianity and becoming a “radicalized” jihadist are easily confused.

A few non-perks that weren’t mentioned include being on the receiving end of attacks like San Bernardino, Fort Hood and Chattanooga.

“We have to recognize that everyone who’s not Christian is at a disadvantage."

Maisha Johnson, a self-described “queer black writer” and “activist"

But thankfully, the left stepped out of reality, yet again, to inform lowly Christians about how terrible their behavior is. Thanks guys!

Please do not stand by for a list of Islamic, Buddhist, of Hindu privileges from the left, that will not happen. But rumor has it that a Jewish privilege list will be tackled soon. Liberals, especially feminists, hate Jews.