WATCH: Colbert Makes 'Trump's Valentine's Day' Video To Melania. It's Actually Funny.

Who knew all Stephen Colbert had to do to be mildly entertaining was to shut his mouth and let President Trump speak? (Answer: everyone)

On Wednesday, the "Late Show" crew created a video montage of President Donald Trump talking about groups of people and individuals who love him in mock Valentine's Day video from the president to First Lady Melania Trump. And it's actually not bad.

“Melania, I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, which, by the way, is so strong, good stamina, unlike Hillary, which is why she lost the election,” says Trump in the video mash-up. “Remember that? November 8, wasn’t that a great evening?”

“But anyway, Melania,” the president continues, “Such a wonderful, beautiful woman. But more importantly, I won with women. That’s very important. I love women!”

Trump can also be heard professing his love for others, such as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the people of South Carolina and Florida, and just about every demographic comprising the United States; "the bikers," "the Asians," "the Hispanics," etc.

At the end of the video, Trump professes his love for Melania. Well, he almost does.

“But baby I’ll tell you what, I love, I love, I love U --," says Trump, "--tah.”

“I mean Utah, did you see how many points I won by in Utah? This thing wasn’t even close, like, massive.”

If this is supposed to be nasty toward Trump, it misses the mark. And anytime a Colbert segment is Colbert-free, it's for the better.


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