Former HuffPo Writer Says Trump Jr.'s Wife Hospitalized For 'Coke Binge'

In a disgusting post on Twitter, a one-time writer for the uber-liberal Huffington Post claimed that Vanessa Trump was hospitalized on Monday to cover up a "coke binge."

Tara Dublin said Donald Trump Jr.’s wife — who was taken to the hospital after white powder was found in a letter delivered to the couple's home — was just getting a delivery from her drug dealer.

“What’s the over/under that it was just her coke dealer dropping off the usual but she did too much and this is a cover story?” Dublin tweeted Monday.

She later deleted the tweet, but posted this:

She also claimed she was not a "contributor" the the liberal site.

But here's her page on HuffPost listing the stories she's had published on the site.

The incident, however, was quite serious. "After the letter was opened, three people at the residence were taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center strictly as a precaution, the New York City Fire Department said,” NBC News reported. According to several reports, Vanessa Trump became nauseous after opening the letter and suffered a coughing fit.

But everything turned out to be OK. Still, Donald Trump Jr. was furious that liberals saw the incident as a way to bash his father.


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