NY Attorney General Makes Damning Statement About The Weinstein Company

The flood of #MeToo accusations against Harvey Weinstein have begun to have serious legal and financial consequences for the embattled megaproducer and the company he helped create. In a statement to the press on Monday, delivered a day after he filed a 39-page complaint against The Weinstein Company (TWC), New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made a damning comment about the case.

"We have never seen anything as despicable as what we've seen right here," Schneiderman told reporters in reference to Weinstein's alleged predatory behavior and TWC's efforts to keep it under wraps and avoid real consequences.

"It's clear the company’s management was complicit in this pattern of misconduct," said Schneiderman. "They knew what was happening. It was flagrant, it was flamboyant, they knew how pervasive it was and not only did they fail to stop it, they enabled it and covered it up."

Schneiderman's suit brought by the state's civil rights division, the Guardian explains, is "part of an effort to ensure adequate funds are put aside from the impending $500m sale of the company, and to ensure an end to the pattern of abuse."

Soon after the allegations first went public last fall, the TWC board ousted Harvey Weinstein and announced the sale of most of its assets, but New York's suit is throwing a wrench in their plans. The investors, said the attorney general, have refused to meet with his office, and the terms of the deal do not specify that the current management team — particularly David Glasser, the so-called "third Weinstein" — will be replaced or that any funds will be offered to alleged victims.

As it stands, the deal is "unacceptable," said Schneiderman. "We have to ensure that this all cleaned up and that any deal that removes the two Weinstein brothers, but essentially leaves the rest of the management team intact, should be unacceptable to the purchasers," said the attorney general. Some of the people benefiting from the deal, he said, "were involved in perpetuating for 12 years this pattern of misconduct."

Partial transcript via the Guardian.

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