Goldie Hawn: My 'Horrible' #MeToo Experiences 'Top All Of Them'

Iconic actress Goldie Hawn, 72, says that the sexual predation in the entertainment industry highlighted by the #MeToo movement, "unfortunately," is nothing new. In fact, the stories she could tell about her "horrible experiences" as a young dancer in New York would "top all of them."

"Sexual harassment, unfortunately it’s been there forever," Hawn told CNBC in an interview over the weekend. "I had some horrible experiences as a young dancer in New York City. I mean, I'll top all of them."

Though Hawn mentioned a time she was "attacked" in a "dark room," she did not give any details. Hawn noted that her "strong" upbringing helped her navigate the difficulties of the entertainment industry, and suggested that many women in the field don't have the benefit of knowing how to handle #MeToo situations.

"I had a very strong mom, a very strong dad, and I had a lot of resilience and I really knew who I was," she said. "And, you know, the answer was always 'No, I’ll never get a job like that.' A lot of girls don't. A lot of girls don’t know what to do. Or they're attacked, which I was in a room where — it was a dark room. You've got to wiggle your way out of it."

She then addressed what she suggested is the root of the issue: an "illness" based in "entitlement" and "narcissism" among people with influence.

"I don't know what this entitlement is," she said. " I think we’re seeing actually a lot of illness connected to it now. So this is partially an illness — not just a proclivity, or just a feeling of need to do this. I think it has to do with narcissism, an ability to think that they’re invincible and they pretty much can do whatever they want to do."

Asked if she believed that the issue would be best addressed by regulation or if it needed to ultimately be about personal responsibility, Hawn suggested the latter.

"I don't think you can regulate that kind of human behaviour," she said. "You will be able to bring awareness to it. People will be able to make choices behind it. I think that there’s addiction. You're dealing with sexual addiction. You're dealing with narcissism — narcissism is an illness."

Over the weekend, Hawn spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai, at which the actress spoke about "the well-being of our children" and her MindUP program.

Partial transcript via PA Movies.

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