On Wednesday, MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough admitted that the majority of Americans agree with President Donald Trump's views on immigration and do not agree with the views of the Democrats, media, and elites.

"A lot of people in the media may not like it," Scarborough began. "I talk about this massive disconnect between where Americans are on immigration and where the media is on immigration, where elites are on immigration."

"Most Americans agree with Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s view of immigration," Scarborough continued.

"Whether you want to call it chain migration, whether you want to talk about the lottery, whether you want to talk about only wanting highly skilled immigrants in this country," Scarborough explained, "there have been a lot of polls out over the past couple weeks and none of them are good news for Democrats."

Scarborough concluded by saying, "Don’t shoot the messenger, read the polls, most Americans are far closer to Stephen Miller’s views on immigration than they are Nancy Pelosi."