While there was nothing as bizarre as "Puppy Monkey Baby" or as classic as "Mean Joe Green" or as epic as "Apple 1984," the slate of commercials for Super Bowl 2018 offered plenty of laughs and smiles with a few groans in between. From the inspirational to the hilarious to the cringeworthy, here are the "Top 5 Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2018."


5.) Bud Water

Taking a break from the traditional Clydesdale, Budweiser took home the prize for most heartwarming commercial while not seeming fabricated. During the hurricane relief effort of 2017, Budweiser halted beer production in some breweries and created water instead. The ad tastefully highlighted this effort without feeling self-congratulatory. Well done!

4.) Fake "Crocodile Dundee"

Leading up to the big game, "Crocodile Dundee" fans were left scratching their heads over a trailer for what looked like a reboot of the Aussie classic starring Danny McBride in place of Paul Hogan. It turns out the trailer was an ad from the Australian tourism board and the joke was on us. Nicely played.

3.) Alexa Loses Her Voice

Celebrities doing weird things in Super Bowl ads have become a dime a dozen, but Amazon's Alexa ad hit the right mark. Sir Anthony Hopkins steals the show here.

2.) Bud Knight

LOTR fantasy and bro-culture collided for some big laughs with this two-part ad. Chivalry never looked so fun.

1.) All Things Tide

In the art of troll advertisements, laundry detergent Tide set the gold standard Sunday night. Its presence felt in all four quarters, this ad makes great use of a celebrity cameo (David Harbour of "Stranger Things") and boldly takes misdirection where no ad has gone before. It's not a Super Bowl ad, it's a Tide ad.


5.) Woke Coke

We get it. "There's a Coke for all of us," including white rednecks in cowboy hats. This was essentially a repeat of the multi-cultural "America the Beautiful" ad from 2014, minus the catchy tune. Thank you, Coke, for keeping us woke.

4.) Communist Groupon

Local businesses are the best, especially family-owned ones. But the stereotypical image of the rich white guy wanting to get all Gordon Gekko on the local mom and pop shop is getting as tired as Bernie Sanders on a treadmill.

3.) Diet Coke "Twisted Mango"

Nothing's worse than sitting through a commercial that's neither funny nor clever and yet thinks it is. Total fail from start to finish.

2.) Marxist T-Mobile

Is that Nirvana's "All Apologies" remixed for the nursery I hear in the background?

1.) Scientology

This needs no explanation. What the hell was this doing there?