Among a litany of other terrible advice, New York Magazine tells women to “Refuse to collaborate with a man” in their latest identity-politics hit-piece, because unity.

The overtly liberal outlet, that by their own estimation reaches 1.8 million viewers per week, did their “fair share” to help assist in the divide between gender and race lines in their “Feminist Resolutions for 2016” listicle—which by the way was re-tweeted by Planned Parenthood (another beacon of unity).

The magazine drives the wedge between genders and specifically advises women to “refuse” to work with men and only “work with women or work alone.” Their reasoning for their “misandry” (the new SJW-term for prejudice against men) is that the evil man will take all the credit, and you need to get ahead so ditch the patriarchy, girl.

This might sound distinctly uncharitable— after all, misandry is mostly an internet joke, right? — but if you want to get full credit for all your hard work, research says you shouldn’t partner up with a man. He’ll see greater benefits to your collaboration than you will. Work with women or work alone, whenever you can. See if you come out ahead by 2017.

The “research” NY Magazine provides to back their original suggestion is a single study (and anecdotal evidence from a transgender economist) discussed in the “unbiased” New York Times which looks solely at only young economists and then extrapolates its suspect findings to all “other professions involving teamwork.”

The leftist magazine also advocates for young women to “Call out casual racism”—“casual racism” being code for “microagression,” which is code for “offending” someone in some obscure manner with zero intent. Adding to their effort to racially agitate, the listicle includes a call for young women to “Actually show up at a Black Lives Matter march.” Of course, Black Lives Matter members have literally called for the execution of white law enforcement officers among other egregious acts, so again, “unity.”

And because no feminist list would be complete without pushing abortion, the magazine advises young women to “Occupy federal territory until the Hyde Amendment is repealed.” The Hyde Amendment is legislation that prohibits certain federal dollars from funding abortion directly in most instances.

And maybe the most bizarre behavior backed: “Stop shaving your legs. Or your armpits. Or grow out your bush to Joy of Sex proportions.” Lovely.

What we see here is another liberal publication hard at work advising women to partake in divisive and harmful behavior. But would we expect anything less from a magazine with “New York values”?