The Daily Wire podcast host Andrew Klavan appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" where he discussed the mainstream media’s hysteria in covering up the allegations in the recently-released FISA warrant memo.

The Fox News host asked him, “What do you make of the press coverage of this? Do you think it has been designed to serve the public interest or something else?”

Klavan replied, “I think it’s a scandal within a scandal almost as bad as the scandal within the FBI.”

He pointed out the fact that Hollywood just praised The Washington Post in the Steven Spielberg film "The Post" for releasing the Pentagon Papers in defiance of the Nixon Administration’s claims it would affect national security.

Klavan said, “Now suddenly national security is sacrosanct and more important than information. I remember decades of the Left squealing about J. Edgar Hoover and his unjustified wiretaps and now suddenly we’re told that unjustified wiretapping is a nothing-burger.”

He added, “The press has done nothing for this past year but whine about how Donald Trump has slapped them back and forth.”

“But now, when it comes to releasing information, this information that in no way damaged the public good and in no way damaged our national security, the press, the people who are supposed to speak truth to power and about power, are trying to cover it and suppress it and spin it to make it less important.”

Watch the clip below:

Andrew Klavan is a screenwriter, political commentator, bestselling novelist, and the author of the nonfiction book The Great Good Thing. He is the host of "The Andrew Klavan Show," Mondays – Thursday here on The Daily Wire.