Rush: Here's The Ugly Truth Democrats Revealed In Their Response To Trump's SOTU

Rush Limbaugh spent most of his show Wednesday and another sizable portion of his Thursday broadcast unpacking his response to President Trump's first State of the Union address, which the top-rated radio host said was "maybe the best State of the Union speech I've ever seen." Among the reasons he felt it was so significant was the Democrats' response to Trump's triumphant and inspiring speech — a response which, Limbaugh suggested, revealed an ugly truth about the Democratic Party's victim-based vision of what "defines" America.

Limbaugh led into his nearly three-hour long discussion of the speech on Wednesday by highlighting the "the only number you need to know from last night": "43% of Democrats watching the State of the Union liked it. ... That number is going to shock, perplex, stun, and panic elected Democrats all across the fruited plain."

After smacking around CBS for tying itself into knots in an attempt to downplay the findings of its own poll — which revealed, like other polls, that an overwhelming majority of viewers approved of Trump's speech — Rush used polling data to lay the groundwork for his argument about the warped perspective of Democrats.

"In the CBS/YouGov poll, 97% of Republicans liked it, 72% of Independents, 43% Democrats," said Limbaugh. The 75% overall who approved the message were not simply saying they "liked" the speech, he underscored. A total of 80% "said they believe Trump was trying to unite the country," he pointed out.

Despite these numbers, the Democrats and "Drive-Bys" spent Tuesday night and Wednesday declaring that Trump had "failed" to "unite" the country.

"I wasn’t surprised, but I was amazed," said Limbaugh of the media's eerily unified response. "It didn’t matter which network I watched. The initial reaction from most of the commentators was that Trump blew it! That Trump did not unify, that he didn’t even attempt to unify, that he didn’t reach across the aisle, the White House must have lied to us all day today." The left-leaning media commentators, said Limbaugh, thought Trump's speech was a "dud" and a "gigantic letdown."

"It’s amazing what these people see that the American people don’t see," said Rush. "And it’s just stunning what the American people see in a speech like this that the media and others inside the Beltway in Washington do not see. How that speech could be seen as anything other than unifying and uplifting is beyond me."

The difference between the response of the Democrats and their media colleagues and the response of the American public to the speech, he suggested, reveals just how different the "progressive" view of the country really is from mainstream America.

"Who would not want to celebrate the unemployment rate dipping to an all-time low?" said Rush. "Who would not want to unify behind the idea that African-American and Hispanic unemployment is at a record low? Who would not want to unify and be thrilled by and excited by and supportive of the president’s report last night in general of the state of the union, which is kick-butt! And yet there were the media and there were the Democrats thinking that Trump had failed, the White House had lied, and, as such, it was a dud of a speech."

This disconnect was particularly on display in the people Trump invited to the event — like the brave North Korean defector, Ji Seong Ho — who really "define what America is."

"Their stories, who they are, the achievements, the adversity that they overcame is distinctly, uniquely American. It is why they were chosen. They were chosen to inspire! The young man from North Korea waving his crutches, the single best statement against North Korea and a positive statement for the people of North Korea that could ever be made," said Limbaugh.

Yet "the Democrats sat through all of it."

"And it wasn’t that they just sat through all of it," said Limbaugh. "They looked befuddled and confused and angry. During stories and illustrations of the greatness of America, they genuinely seemed befuddled by it. They were looking at each other in a confused way, and it wasn’t just because the entire Republican side was standing and applauding. They don’t get it. Telling great stories about America."

That "befuddlement" and "confusion," explained Limbaugh, stems from their victim-based worldview, which so often frames America as the great obstacle to personal happiness.

"In the Democrat worldview, the definition of greatness in America is a minority, a victim overcoming some American obstacle, usually conservative hate or bigotry," said Rush. "You know, with Obama or Clinton putting people as guests and props, they’re not examples of great American achievement. They’re examples of people who overcame the inherent bigotry in America. And so the Democrats in that room last night, and probably many of them around the country, just looked a combination of befuddled, looked at each other kind of curiously, confused, and some of them were even angry at every expression of American greatness."

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