An immigrants’ rights group in San Diego threw their shoes at President Donald Trump during his State of the Union address on Tuesday as their way of expressing their "anger" with him and his America-first agenda.

The immigrant group, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), hosted the Noche de Chanclazos, or night of flip-flops, and urged those who attended to throw their shoes and flip-flops at the screen "whenever you feel Trump disses you or your community," NBC 7 San Diego reported.

"In some Latin homes, chanclas or flip-flops are used to discipline," NBC explains. "Throwing one is a sign of disagreement or anger."

"I feel the current discrimination has been disrespectful to the community that I work in, to the community I live in," said high school teacher Louise Williamson. "I just feel insulted by what’s happened and I felt I needed the therapy of coming here tonight."

While this particular group was losing their shoes over Trump and his agenda, an overwhelming majority of viewers approved of Trump's first State of the Union address, with majorities describing his agenda as something that will likely "help" them.