The Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles appeared on Fox & Friends First on Monday morning to discuss Hillary Clinton’s bizarre appearance at the Grammys on Sunday.

“Well, nothing says entertainment like Hillary Clinton, right? Isn’t that just what the American people want?” Knowles asked the hosts.

“When the music elite and the Hollywood elite get the point that we do not want to hear their political opinions,” he said. “The ratings in the key 18-49 demographics have been at several year lows. Oscars were at nine year lows last time around. The Golden Globes had low ratings.”

Knowles explained, “People are tuning this out. There was one high point last night, when Patti LuPone sang, and it was maybe the saddest reminder of what glamour and class used to look like at these award shows.”

On the controversy over a single female performing artist winning an award at the Grammys, Knowles pointed out the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry.

“Rather than going on stage and having some class and some gratitude and grace,” he said. “You just see millionaires instead who are complaining that they’re not making enough millions of dollars.”

He adds, “It’s a farce that regular ol’ American people, who work real jobs in the real world, just don’t want to pay attention to if we’re at least going to be entertained by it.”

Knowles also discussed President Donald Trump’s reaction to singer Jay-Z’s sharp critique of the White House Administration during a CNN interview.

You can watch the interview below:

Knowles is the host of 'The Michael Knowles Show' podcast here on The Daily Wire. He published the bestselling political satire book "Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide."