Chef Jose Andres Forced To Walk Back Claim Ivanka Trump Got Him Tossed From A D.C. Party

Andreas' tweet suggested Ivanka had him booted over his criticism of the president.

Celebrity Chef Jose Andres, who has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, claimed Saturday on Twitter that he was booted from a D.C. hotspot because Ivanka Trump didn't want to see him. But after Trump reached out indicating she had nothing to do with the restaurant's decision to bar Andres entry, Andres was forced to backpedal from his accusation and apologize.

Andres was, apparently, trying to get into an an annual invite-only after-party for the tony Alfalfa Dinner at Cafe Milano when he was turned away by security. Aggravated, Andres assumed he was barred because the First Daughter was a guest of the club and she didn't want to be confronted with her father's detractors. After taking a selfie with the doorman, Andres posted an angry missive on social media.

Cafe Milano quickly responded, assuring the chef that Ivanka Trump did not handpick the after-party guests and that Andres simply wasn't on the list to get in.

Ivanka Trump also, apparently reached out, and Andres, confronted with his own mistake, was forced to admit that the error was all his and not the First Daughter's.

Strangely, though, after an extended "conversation" with Cafe Milano over what both parties called a simple "misunderstanding," Andres seemed concerned that his apology to Ivanka could be seen as some sort of implicit endorsement of her father's policies.

Hours after the apology, he fired off a cheap shot, seemingly implying a cover-up between Ivanka and the cafe and suggesting that Washington, D.C. was somehow "changed" because he wasn't allowed to join a private party.

Conspiratorial leftists were quick to agree, though Andres offered no further proof.

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