HIT JOB: 'Saturday Night Live' Just Can't Stand That George W. Bush Is Going Up In The Polls

In February 2010, billboards started popping up around the country. They featured a picture of George W. Bush and the words: "MISS ME YET?"

By then, White House successor Barack Obama and the Democrats had shoved Obamacare down the throats of the American people, causing health insurance rates to skyrocket for a majority of Americans (who also, as it turned out, couldn't actually keep their own doctors).

Now, with Obama out and Donald Trump in, W. just keeps rising. A poll released last Monday by CNN found that 61% of those surveyed have a favorable view of the 43rd president. As usual, the poll was heavily skewed: 33% described themselves as Democrats, 24% described themselves as Republicans, said the small print.

The hilarious people at "Saturday Night Live" apparently can't stand the fact that Bush's favorability is rising. So they called on flagging funnyman Will Farrell to reprise his mediocre impression of Bush in SNL's cold open on Saturday night.

Sitting at a desk in what appears to be the Oval Office ("Bush" said he built one in his basement so he can pretend he's still president), Bush says, “You might remember, the W. stands for wassssup." Yes, nothing says topical like citing a beer commercial from 1999.

Pointing to the poll's findings, Ferrell says, “That’s right. Donny Q. Trump came in, and suddenly I’m looking pretty sweet by comparison. At this rate, I might even end up on Mount Rushmore, right next to Washington, Lincoln and I want to say, uh, Kensington?”

But SNL quickly got to its real point, with Bush saying, “I just wanted to address my fellow Americans tonight and remind you guys that I was really bad — like, historically not good.”

“Don’t forget, we’re still in two different wars that I started. What has two thumbs and created ISIS? This guy.” Hilarious!

Bush noted that the stock market crumbled during his presidency, saying, “I’m no economer, but even I know, that was no bueno.” And on vice presidents, he said, “Some say Mike Pence is heartless. But remember, Dick Cheney was literally heartless. At this point, it’s just Legos in there.”

SNL has been a bender since President Trump took office, but the cold opens have started to seem canned and simple-minded. The show often includes several Trump-bashing skits as well, plus several jokes during "Weekend Update," but the tone has gotten increasingly vicious. So, it must've been time to return to the last Republican president for some bashing — after giving Obama a pass for eight straight years.

Watch the whole skit here.

Funny, though: As Bush's ratings are going up, Farrell's are decidedly not. According to Rotten Tomatoes, his last for movies were rated thusly:

"Daddy's Home" -- 19%

"The House" -- 18%

"The Boss" -- 22%

"Zoolander" -- 23%

At this point, Ferrell would probably kill for 61%.

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