Want To Win An Oscar? Create A Hashtag.

Quit wasting your time drafting that perfect script.

It has now become virtually impossible to win an Oscar by merit alone. When #OscarsSoWhite launched, SJWs complained that not enough people of color were represented in the nominations, even though Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu took home the gold for Best Director two years in a row. The hashtag campaign worked, and the following year, the Academy gave the Oscar to the worst film to win Best Picture since "The Greatest Show On Earth" — the superbly acted, but woefully aimless "Moonlight."

By awarding "Moonlight," the Academy sent the message that appeasing ravenous social justice hordes matters more than cinematic quality or merit — and now the floodgates are open.

This year, the prevailing hashtag is #MeToo, and as the Golden Globes indicated, as well as comments from Academy insiders, the 2018 Oscars will be "the year of the woman" in response to the spate of sexual harassment scandals that rocked the industry, beginning with the fall of Harvey Weinstein.

As noted by Ben Shapiro, the best films nominated this year — "Dunkirk" and "Darkest Hour," — have no shot of winning. Though director Christopher Nolan has made some of the best films of the past two decades, including this year's "Dunkirk," he will once again be going home empty-handed because the wisdom of the social justice crowd dictates that the film with the most on-the-nose messaging pertaining to the most pressing issue of the day takes home the accolades.

Unfortunately, this trend has no end in sight. Now that racial activists and feminists have had their turn, Latinos are demanding that next year belong to them, even though two Mexican directors — and Iñárritu — have taken home the gold statue in this decade alone (and Spanish director Guillermo del Toro is nominated this year for "The Shape of Water").

After Latinos, what will be the next social justice cause to appease? #OscarsSoCis has yet to make its debut. When will the Rachel Dolezals of the world finally get their Oscar moment? What about little people? What about trans little people? What about trans little people who like chocolate ice cream?

The list of groups to appease goes on . . .

Advice to filmmakers: quit wasting your time drafting that perfect script or crafting your masterpiece; instead, get a good Twitter handle and hire the best social media manager you can find.


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