#SCHUMERSELLOUT: Activists, Democrats Tear Into Minority Leader After Shutdown Cave

"The worst negotiator in Washington."

If there's one clear loser from the weekend's federal government shutdown, it's Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

As they reeled from the stunning cave, where Schumer negotiated an end to a three-day standoff by accepting a deal President Donald Trump and Republicans offered only a few hours into the shutdown, activists and fellow Democrats tore into the New York senator — even going so far as to get "#SchumerSellout" trending nationwide on Twitter.

Aides and more junior leftist legislators complained out loud to media, calling Schumer a poor negotiator, and excoriating the Democratic leader for going into the shutdown in such a weak negotiating position that Trump was able to run circles around Democrats just by hanging out in the Oval Office, (reportedly) eating potato chips and watching Fox News.

“We went in with a very weak set of cards, with [25] people up for reelection,” one such lawmaker told The Hill. Another said that he was having a tough time handling journalists from his local paper. “Why did Democrats shut down the government?” he said they kept asking.

Another said he warned Schumer to be wary of McConnell's willingness to negotiate on both the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act, and children's CHIP health care funding. “You can't win. McConnell used craven politics by pitting one group of children versus another."

Progressive activists were even less understanding, adopting the #SchumerSellout hashtag as subject lines on fundraising emails, and tearing into the senator to anyone who would listen.

“It’s official: Chuck Schumer is the worst negotiator in Washington — even worse than Trump,” leftist group Credo trumpeted. “Call it the #SchumerSellout. Hashtagged.”

You could hear the muffled sobs from MoveOn.org heir, Indivisible, started largely by former George Soros and Obama White House employees through their Twitter feed. “Millions of people flooded the streets of every major American city to stand up to Trump this weekend,” tweeted Leah Greenberg, Indivisible's executive director. “Your constituents want you to fight. How can you possibly not understand that?”

MoveOn.org insinuated to a Washington paper that Schumer would pay a price. “What’s clear from today’s joke deal is that the grass-roots movement demanding unity and courage has a lot of work to do to ensure that the whole Democratic Caucus is ready to fight when the time comes,” D.C. MoveOn.org director Ben Wikler said.

Even Organizing for Action, Barack Obama's own non-profit baby, couldn't handle the cave. “The good news for the American people is that the government shutdown — a crisis needlessly manufactured by Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the White House — will soon be over,” a spokesperson told Politico in a statement. “But let’s be clear: This stopgap measure is not a solution. It’s merely a band-aid for a self-inflicted wound that remains untreated.”

Schumer tried to pile on Donald Trump in his surrender speech, but then disappeared from the airwaves. His staff was left to pick up the pieces, but mostly ended up pleading with progressives, and especially immigration activists, to stand firm with Senate Democrats.

It seems like that's going to take a lot of begging and pleading, however.

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