Former Trump Aide Omarosa May Have Taped White House Talks

Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman — once a contestant on President Trump's TV show "The Apprentice" — may have taped private talks in the West Wing, according to new reports.

Omarosa, as she is known, last month abruptly announced her departure from the White House, where she served as director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison. Rumors flew that she was fired by Trump — again, only this time for real — but Trump himself tweeted out a kind message about her after her announcement.

She fears she may be called to testify in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, sources told the Daily News. The New York tabloid said she is "lawyering up" and "has held exploratory meetings with several high profile attorneys for potential representation."

Manigault-Newman has met with Harvey Weinstein’s former attorney Lisa Bloom and former Bill Cosby lawyer Monique Pressley, among others.

It is not immediately clear why the former “Apprentice” star is seeking legal help, but those with knowledge of her unceremonious removal from the White House say she is “very concerned” that trouble is on the horizon.

The 43-year-old apparently believes she may become a fixture in Mueller’s investigation into possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia’s election meddling.

“Everyone knows Omarosa loves to record people and meetings using the voice notes app on her iPhone,” a source disclosed. “Don’t be surprised if she has secret audio files on everyone in that White House, past and present staffers included.”

The White House recently banned personal cell phones in the West Wing. Michael Wolff wrote in his book, "Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House," that the move was related to Manigault-Newman’s penchant for recording confidential conversations.

Manigault-Newman is looking to stay in the news. She's just signed with the American Program Bureau, a speakers' group that includes Jay Leno, Diddy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson, Fox News reports.

She'll be asking $50,000 per speech and "the firm’s goal is to book at least 10 appearances over the next three months," Fox said, for a cool half a million.


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