WATCH: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Releases Cringeworthy 'Anthem For The Resistance'

"Once in your life, you may get the chance to stand against a column of tanks."

As if the Pussy Hats themselves weren't embarrassing enough, the Women's March can now boast its own official anthem of resistance called "Stand," released this weekend by MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough.

It is, of course, as good as you might expect.

Scarborough, who fancies himself a part-time rock star, released the single, "Stand," last Friday, declaring it both inspired by, and written for, those who oppose his former BFF, President Donald Trump.

It is, of course, an acoustic ballad, in the style of Bob Dylan, that recalls the hardships faced by the throngs of women (and male feminists) who took to the streets last January (as well as last weekend) to protest a president that nearly everyone in positions of cultural influence thinks is a problem.

“Once in your life, you may get the chance to stand/Against a column of tanks, holding up your hand,” Scarborough sings. “And once in your life, you may get the chance to say/words like deep within your heart, that change the outcome of a day.”

Validated by Hollywood celebrities, the mainstream media, and high-ranking Democrats, the women of the Women's March have faced nearly no opposition nor, really, paid any social cost for "standing against the Trump agenda." In fact, not a single one of the thousands of marchers from this past weekend can claim they stood anywhere near a tank, let alone faced one down as though they were the last holdout against Maoism (and, in fairness, they'd probably quite enjoy a little more Maoism).

Be that as it may, Scarborough doubled down on his cringe-worthy offering, setting the "Stand" ballad over a mashup of Women's March b-roll depicting the bravery in action.

WATCH at your own risk.

Now that's quality resistance.


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