#HerToo: Justice Ginsburg Receives Standing Ovation At Sundance Film Festival

"I can’t think of any greater honor than to introduce a person I so admire"

Celebrities brought Oprah onto the stage at the Golden Globes to publicly absolve them of their #MeToo sins. At the Sundance Film Festival, celebrities settled for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Appearing at the festival in support of the "RBG" documentary about her life and times, Justice Ginsburg received a standing ovation as the crowd of Hollywoodites welcomed her onto the stage. Speaking with NPR legal reporter Nina Totenberg on the state of current affairs, Ginsburg spoke about the #MeToo movement.

I think it’s about time. For so long women were silent, thinking there was nothing you could do about it. But now the law is on the side of women or men who encounter harassment, and that’s (a) big thing.

On the potential backlash of #MeToo, Ginsburg said she wants to "see where it goes," but admits that "so far it’s been great."

Ginsburg expounded upon growing up without being able to call out sexual harassment, not even having a name for it.

Every woman of my vintage knows what sexual harassment is, though we didn’t have a name for it then. The attitude towards sexual harassment was "get past it, boys will be boys." This was not considered anything you could do anything about, that the law could do anything about.

Ginsberg, of course, cleverly avoided addressing the sexual misconduct alleged (and proven) against the man who appointed her to SCOTUS: President Clinton.

The big event at Main Street’s Cinema Café had in attendance CNN boss Jeff Zucker, Sundance Institute chief Keri Putnam, and various Sundance board members. Sundance founder Robert Redford excitedly introduced the Justice.

“I can’t think of any greater honor than to introduce a person I so admire,” Redford told the applauding crowd.

Ginsburg stepped into hot water during the 2016 election when she expressed fear over Trump winning the presidency and altering the leftward future of the Supreme Court. After significant backlash from critics claiming she stepped out of bounds given her role as a Justice, she walked her comments back. She has also blamed "sexism" for Hillary Clinton's loss to President Trump.


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