James Woods Goes After Trump Over Campaign Promises

Conservative Hollywood actor James Woods doubled down on the stern warning he issued to President Donald Trump in early January, reminding him of his campaign promises and what will happen if he breaks them.

Woods’ comments come as the Democrats voted against a continuing resolution proposed by the Republicans on Friday which has led to a shut down of non-essential government services. Democrats are demanding protections for 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, which is allegedly driven by the desire to control their votes in future elections, according to a leaked Democratic memo written by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

Woods started his tweet storm, writing: "Don’t be #MerkelMan. Don’t do to America what Angela Merkel did to Germany. #DumpDaca #BuildTheWall #EnforceTheBan"

Soon after, Woods tweeted: "Almost FOUR MILLION illegal aliens will be in a position to tip the scales of any election. Democrats will destroy our fundamental democratic process gladly. If you allow this, Mr. President, history will remember it as your personal failure. #DumpDACA"

It's at this point that Woods started to turn up the heat on Trump, tweeting: "This DACA scam works just like the death penalty ‘reforms’ promulgated by Democrats. First they argue against death penalty by howling for ‘life sentences without parole.’ Once they get that, they immediately start parole appeals. #DumpDACA"

Woods continued: "Mr. President, you made one promise. You said the illegal immigration nightmare of lawbreakers taking American jobs was over. Now man up and keep your promise. #Obama pulled this scam with the stroke of a pen and you can end it the same way. #DumpDACA"

Woods ended his fiery series of tweets with a photo of Trump standing in front of a campaign banner that says, "Promises made. Promises Kept." Woods commented: "You kneel down to this #DACA scam and this photo will haunt you right out of the White House..."


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