Cosmo Panics After Discovering Young Women Are Big Fans Of Ivanka Trump

Story about Instagram fan accounts drips with derision for the First Daughter.

Ivanka Trump, it seems, has a dedicated following of millennial women on Instagram, with "fan accounts" for the First Daughter popping up every day — and Cosmopolitan magazine simply can't understand it.

In an article posted Wednesday, the publication, which typically devotes most of its pixels and column inches to unintentionally confusing headlines about sexual pleasure and body image ("fifty ways to please your man!" often falls opposite "why do women think so little of themselves?"), puzzled over why young ladies of high school age look up to Ivanka, a successful career woman and mother, now one of the president's most trusted advisors.

The women all run Ivanka "fan" Instagram accounts that document the First Daughter's outfits using mostly paparazzi photos, and coo over Ivanka's family life, choices in clothing, and tastefully decorated homes. They claim its all a "labor of love," and that they enjoy cataloging Ivanka's often glamorous life.

Before even officially introducing Ivanka's fans, Cosmo takes a quick hit at Ivanka herself.

Ivanka Trump — who is also a special assistant to the president — has had a tough first year in Washington. Critics have accused her of being ineffective in government (and relying on nepotism to get there), complicit in her father’s agenda, and hypocritical for complaining about the viciousness of politics. They also torched her self-help book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success.

On Instagram, however, none of that seems to matter.

But that's not why the girls say they look up to her. And, in fact, several of the women interviewed said they aren't even fans of her father — they're just impressed with a woman in power who seems to be making it work, and looks good doing it.

That's not good enough for Cosmo, which couches each woman's story with "facts" about Ivanka's tenure.

When giving an example of the women's rational for keeping their accounts alive — "The five women interviewed for this story applauded the first daughter’s accessories empire and #WomenWhoWork brand. She hasn’t simply rested on her (“absolutely stunning!”) looks to get by, they say" — the magazine quickly "fact checks" their talking point.

"Ivanka has declared it her 'life’s mission' to improve the lives of working women (even though her clothing company reportedly relies on low-wage workers in foreign factories toiling under harsh conditions)," they write.

Instead of admitting that Ivanka might have a sense of style that supersedes her position on the partisan divide, the magazine suggests that Ivanka is nothing more than a "carefully crafted public image."

Cosmo even appears to cheer the women's inevitable trolls. "The accounts receive their fair share of trolls, too, liberals and 'Trump haters' who say Ivanka is the paragon of nepotism and faux-feminism — or just that her outfit is terrible."

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Cosmo, the fans remain nonplused by the criticism and still keep track of how many times the First Daughter herself likes and comments on their posts, and find the occasional note from Ivanka — yep, she even sends them words of encouragement — inspirational.

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