White House Special Counsel: Trump 'Very Eager' To Speak With Mueller

On Wednesday, White House Special Counsel Ty Cobb appeared on the podcast of "The Takeout" and stated that President Trump is eager to speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller about the Russia probe so the investigation can finally finish. Interviewed by CBS News' chief White House correspondent Major Garrett, Cobb reportedly also said that he thinks Mueller will interview Trump and the Mueller investigation will wrap up in the next four to six weeks.

CBS News reported, “Cobb said if Mueller did interview Mr. Trump, it could be a perjury trap -- that is, a situation in which his story does not match the evidence -- something Cobb said ‘foolish’ was not to consider. But Cobb said he has known Mueller for a long time, and doesn't believe that is his aim.”

Cobb also took a swipe at former White House advisor Steve Bannon, saying that he would not have been subpoenaed by Mueller to testify before a grand jury had he not been so hostile to the FBI:

On Tuesday, Bannon spent over 10 hours meeting with the House Intelligence Committee, primarily to negotiate over his testimony, according to The Wall Street Journal.

When White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked whether the White House was ready for Mueller’s investigation to go on through 2018, she responded, “We’ve been dealing with this hoax for the better part of a year. If we have to endure this ridiculousness for another month, we can certainly handle it.”

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