NOPE-RAH: Voters Aren't As Crazy For 'Oprah 2020' As Leftists Had Hoped

Democrats do, however, prefer her to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

A series of polls taken after Oprah Winfrey gave her rousing Golden Globes speech show an unexpected trend among likely American voters: they aren't that crazy about an Oprah 2020 presidential campaign.

According to Politico, several push polls taken show support for a prospective President Oprah Winfrey isn't widespread, and that she is as unpopular among Democrats — who would most likely be among her primary voters — as she is among Republicans.

And although initial polls showed her running ahead of Trump in a mid-year matchup, the further out from her Golden Globes speech voters get, the further that number drops. The top-line result from a Morning Consult/Politico poll from last week shows Winfrey within the margin of error with Trump, beating him by only 2 points. Just under a quarter of voters would "remain undecided."

Among potential Democratic primary voters, Winfrey trails both former Vice President Joe Biden, and "Democratic Socialist" Bernie Sanders. She's far behind Biden — 54% to 31% — and closer to Sanders (she trails him by only 9 points).

She does, however, narrowly edge out Sen. Elizbeth Warren, and Oprah beats Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand by a mile, 44% to 23%.

Oprah's major problem, it turns out, is that unlike Trump, she's not seen as a prime candidate to transition from television to the Oval Office. Even though people really like her as a lifestyle guru and a features reporter, they can't see her doing well as a chief executive.

"Oprah's strong standing among Democrats does not translate to a clear interest in her launching a presidential campaign," Morning Consult's chief pollster told Politico. "While 77% of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Oprah, only 38% say she should run in 2020."


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