Elizabeth Not Down With Oprah 2020: Another Billionaire President?

"Wasn't that a fabulous speech?"

At least one leftist is not feeling the enthusiasm about a possible Oprah 2020 campaign: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Appearing on CNN "New Day" on Wednesday, Warren did not have high hopes for an Oprah candidacy, even saying that Americans do not want another celebrity billionaire as president.

"Sen. Warren, last question. Oprah Winfrey for president, your thoughts?" co-host Alisyn Camerota asked.

Warren first expressed her appreciation for Oprah's contribution to the #MeToo movement during her Golden Globes speech before expressing tepidness over her potential candidacy.

"You know, wasn't that a fabulous speech?" Warren said. "And hearing Oprah's voice and her energy and passion and her determination, it's inspiring to all of us, and she shows great leadership. And I am delighted that she's doing it."

Ultimately, Warren said she didn't know if Americans want the social justice version of Trump. "Here's what I do know. We are right now in the middle of fights that will determine our future for generations to come," said Warren.

Warren then filibustered the interview to talk about DACA and the non-existent threat to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Right now, we've got the DREAMers who are on the threshold of being thrown out of this country. We need to be working on children's health insurance program. We are 101 days past the expiration of the children's health insurance program.

Our community health centers, I just visited a community health center back in Massachusetts on Monday, and we were talking about the importance of keeping those community health centers open for all of our families. But that's the work that Congress and the president need to be doing right now.

On whether or not America would want another billionaire celebrity as president, Warren may have spoken prematurely, as a recent poll from Rasmussen shows Oprah would beat President Trump by 10 points if the election were held today.

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