PragerU: Is There Life After This Life?

"What happens after we die?"

"Is there life after this life?" asks author and conservative commentator Dennis Prager in the newest video for his non-profit, Prager University.

"Is there an afterlife, life after this life ends? There probably isn’t a human being who hasn't asked this question at one time or another," says Prager. "And here’s the answer: If there is a God, there is an afterlife. It’s that simple."

He continues, "First, this life is filled with an immeasurable amount of injustice and suffering. The only way there can be some ultimate justice for victims of evil is if there is an afterlife. And the only way comfort is available to those who suffer unjustly, from painful disease and premature death to the death of a child, is if there is an afterlife.

"But such an afterlife exists only if there is a good and just God. A good and just God provides a way to compensate for all the unjust suffering in this world.

"Second, since God is not physical, the physical world is not the only reality. There is also a non-physical reality. And we humans have a part of us which, being non-physical, survives the death of our body. We call it the ‘soul.’ But if there is no God, this physical life is all there is. So, no God, no soul; no soul, no afterlife."

Watch the video below:


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