USC Requires Students to Detail Sexual History Before Registering for Classes

According to a campus-wide email to students at the University of Southern California (USC), USC is now requiring all students who want to register for Spring courses to take a mandatory online course that asks details of past sexual history. The Title IX training asks students to list the number of sexual encounters they have had over the past three months and teaches students to ask for consent before initiating sexual activity.

“How far would you be comfortable going?” and “would you like to try this with me?” are some questions encouraged by the Title IX training.

The following is a screenshot of the email as obtained by Campus Reform’s Anthony Gockowski:

“This course is mandatory, and you must complete it by February 9, 2016. If you do not complete the training by this date you will receive a registration hold until the training is complete,” the email said.

The course begins with a questionnaire asking students to provide details of their sexual activity frequency and drug or alcohol use. It also asks students how many sexual partners they have had in the past three months. Other questions surrounding sexual activity are asked.

If you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months, how many times had you used a condom?

After completing the questionnaire, students are required to take a two-hour interactive lesson on sexual assault, consent, and drug abuse. According to student government member Jacob Ellenhorn, the video presented in the course on being drunk and engaging in sexual activity blames the man in the scenario for sexually assaulting the woman.

“It kept on saying that drunk people cannot give consent. In one scenario both the man and the woman were drunk but the video still blames the male for the assault. I found that a little confusing,” Ellenhorn told Campus Reform.

Another part of the course lists “how to ask for consent” as well as how to determine if consent is given. According to the course, physical signs such as “crossing arms” or “lack of eye contact” are indications that a partner does not want to have sex. Only verbal signs, according to the course, indicate a partner does want to have sex.

In another part of the course, students are encouraged to challenge “gender stereotypes” and “traditional thinking.”

When someone’s appearance or behavior do not “line up” with traditional thinking, how does traditional thinking “line up” with everyone being born free and equal?

Ellenhorn told The Daily Wire he thinks the course is being promoted by the radical left in an effort to bureaucratize even personal issues such as contemporary sex culture, another symptom of the anti-traditional left.

“They created an environment of hooking up culture and sexual assault and confusion is the consequence,” Ellenhorn said. “On another note, the definition of what is and what is not assault is completely unclear. Because it has not been defined it becomes impossible to deal with a very real problem. There have been cases where catcalling is called assault. How can that be in the same category as rape? The truth is that if universities want to solve the problem they have to stop thinking it's their job to deal with these issues. If someone is raped or assaulted they should call the cops.

"If you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months, how many times had you used a condom?"

Question from mandatory course at the University of Southern California

He added, “Big government and higher education bureaucracy cannot solve the problem.”

The course was created by Campus Clarity, an organization dedicating to providing interactive Title IX online training for almost 200 other schools.


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