Book Review: 'The ABC's Of Guns'

Yehuda Remer, author of the important book “Safety On: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children,” and of the parody book “Ten Little Liberals,” delves back into the world of firearms with his new book, “The ABC’s of Guns.”

The book, supported by the Second Amendment Foundation, takes each letter of the alphabet and places a picture of a gun-related object or idea on each page corresponding to that letter. It is an entertaining way to learn about firearms and their different accessories, and gives the reader an easy memory tool to remember them through their corresponding alphabet letters.

"The ABC’s of Guns" also gives a parent who wants to teach his or her child about firearms a fresh take and a great opportunity to educate through the alphabetical memory tool. The book gives a similar mnemonic that many of us have used in school to remember different subjects in order to teach about firearms and their components.

For example:

The book continues this way for every letter of the alphabet.

"The ABC’s of Guns," while primarily a children’s’ book, can also be a fun coffee-table-style book for adults. It can serve as a fun conversation-starter for a group of adults to brush up of their gun knowledge together.

Hanukkah and Christmas may have passed, but it is still a perfect gift for any parent who wants to teach or any child who wants to learn about firearms and the world of guns.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

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