You would think it would be at least a small miracle when a woman is able to bear triplets that are healthy, as a woman from China named Mensheng did in Miami on December 22.

But that’s not the greatest miracle about the boys’ births.

Mensheng and her husband Zhang didn’t realize that Mensheng was pregnant until after they arrived in Miami, which spared them the unthinkable: the Chinese government’s insistence that one of the babies be aborted due to the government’s “Two-Child Policy.”

As Jay Hobbs of notes:

Had the couple stayed a few months—or even a few weeks—longer in China, Mensheng and the boys would’ve been prime targets for a totalitarian regime that has aborted over 400 million babies since it instituted its One-Child Policy in 1979. While the government announced a change to the radical policy in late 2015, forced abortion still remains a significant factor under the so-called “Two-Child Policy” currently in effect.

But the couple was blessed with their sons, Landon, Winston and Auden, instead. The boys are currently in a neonatal intensive care unit, as Landon was barely over two pounds at birth while his brothers were each three pounds, five ounces at birth.

Martha Avila, president of Heartbeat of Miami, traveled to China in 2015; she later helped the Chinese couple after their arrival in Miami.

Avila stated:

These triplets from this Chinese couple really hit my heart. I was in awe to see how women were being forced to abort their second baby. Yet most, if not all, do not want to abort—they are forced to. Then I have the opportunity to see how the Lord rescued these babies even though they were conceived in China. We are rejoicing in God’s grace over these triplets. … The Lord rescued these babies even though they were conceived in China. God allowed them to come here in time so that these babies could live. They were fearful about being alone. They had no one at all in the States, but they found love and support at our clinic and they saw the love of Jesus in action.

Avila concluded, “What an awesome opportunity for Lourdes to show them the love of Christ Jesus our Lord. God’s mercy allowed these babies to be born here in the United States even though they were conceived in China. Mensheng and Zhang are not alone. They have all of us.”