Trump Jr. Made Twitter Great Again This Week

Donald Trump Jr. has been having a grand old time on Twitter this week, smacking the new official arch enemy of the Trump administration, debunking Fake News about his father, exposing the Failing New York Times for pro-Clinton bias, crushing the "clickbait rag" that is Newsweek, while taking retweeting to a new level.

Don Jr. kicked things off on New Year's Day by slamming The New York Times for its obvious "double standard" by linking to a story (which happens to be by The Daily Wire) on WikiLeaks calling out the Times for its own "collusion." He added another tweet penned by actor James Woods knocking the Times for its overt bias a few days later:

He also smacked the "@Onion"-esque Newsweek:

He welcomed "American leadership" back to the White House with several tweets contrasting his father's handling of our enemies with Obama's, among them:

He threw in a defense of his father's tweeting habits for good measure:

He took a moment to offer his opinion on Keith Olbermann:

He also called out some obvious falsehoods in the new Michael Wolff book about the Trump White House that's been causing a stir:

Of all the topics he addressed over the last few days, Don Jr. had the most to say about former White House chief strategist-turned-administration whipping boy, Steve Bannon. He started by thanking him for losing Alabama for the Republicans and then really started unloading on the former White House strategist:

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