A woman whose daughter was killed by a driver that was high on marijuana slammed CNN on Tuesday after the network promoted using drugs during their coverage of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Corinne Gasper joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham on "The Ingraham Angle" where she recounted the tragic loss of her daughter.

"It was very outrageous to see what I would call irresponsible journalism on behalf of CNN," Gasper said.

Ingraham asked her to describe the tragic accident that resulted in the death of her daughter.

"My daughter Jennifer had just graduated from college, she was just 22 years old on the verge of a wonderful career, she wanted to actually go out in the world and fight drugs," Gasper continued. "She was called into work as a district manager into one of the stores when the alarm went off. As Jennifer made her way in, she was t-boned at an intersection by a man who was traveling 82 miles an hour through a red light."

"My daughter’s car was pushed across the road, through a bunch of shrubberies, and then through the doors of a lube-stop building and the building collapsed on top of her car," Gasper recalled. "My daughter lost her life that night. The man that did this was uninjured, but he was high on medical marijuana. He was given a very light sentence of just two years in jail. He only spent 17 months there."