BREAKING! Trees Planted Where CNN Snuck Through Bushes To Film Trump Golfing

Forget the devastating WikiLeaks report that a New York Times reporter used to feed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton all the stories the liberal newspaper was going to post ahead of time so she could prep a defense (or create a diversion). No, to CNN, the big story is still President Trump playing golf.

On Saturday, the MSM went nuts with stories about Trump golfing, many noting it was his fifth outing in as many days. Former president Barack Obama, in case you don't remember, did exactly the same thing during his winter breaks in Hawaii. But he was The Chosen One! This guy's the devil incarnate!

CNN has been all over Trump's golf (after downplaying Obama's 333 rounds during his presidency). Earlier this week, they crept through a hole in some bushes so they could film Trump golfing. Then they moaned like little girls when someone parked a big box truck at their sneak-in point (read this Daily Wire report to find out who parked the truck there).

And now, "The Most Trusted Name In News" has done an entire report — complete with panelists! — on the planting of new trees in the access point to keep people out.

Forget that the hole in the hedges is no doubt a security issue for the president (can you imagine if Fox News had done the same thing with Obama?). CNN sees a massive right-wing conspiracy to prevent the American people from learning the truth — that Trump sometimes plays golf.

"Today, CNN news cameras did not get any video of President Trump playing golf, and here's why," CNN host Ana Cabrera reported on Saturday. "Where CNN cameras were once positioned, trees appeared. Yes, new trees are being planted there."

Then CNN went to the weirdest "expert" panel ever gathered — Republican Andre Bower, former lieutenant governor of South Carolina, and Democrat Michael Nutter, former mayor of Philadelphia. Why these two guys? Because it's the end of the year and anyone who matters is on vacation.

With her lead-in question, Cabrera said: "If you wanna' play golf, just golf. What's with the secrecy?"

The answers from the two "experts" were just too dumb to transcribe (but you can watch it here if you've got absolutely nothing else to do). We will note, though, that Nutter called it "tragic." Tragic.

Twitter, of course, weighed in on the huge story.

But some took aim at CNN.

And that, people, is a wrap for CNN in 2017.


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