President Trump Wishes 'Merry Christmas!' To CNN With Bizarre Retweet

This week has been good to Trump...until now.

President Donald Trump is on vacation in Mar-a-Lago this weekend, celebrating the Christmas holiday with family, but he also seems to be on vacation from his own news cycle, stepping on a week's worth of goodwill — perhaps the best week of his presidency — with a bizarre tweet about "crushing" CNN.

Sometime early Sunday morning, Trump retweeted a doctored photo of himself with a blood splatter on his shoe, conveniently tagged, "CNN."

The re-tweet came amid a small, middle-of-the-night tweetstorm, taking CNN to task for its fake news, and refusing to report that now-former FBI director Andrew McCabe was allegedly in league with Clinton campaign officials, that the stock market is at a record high, and that Republicans have been successful in at least five Congressional races this year — all true statements, but all given an unseemly twist.

This is hardly the first time the President has stepped on his own successful news cycle, but it is perhaps the most egregious example of Trump's itchy Twitter trigger finger getting the best of his public relations. After a successful week in Washington that included a revolutionary tax reform bill that even Bernie Sanders was unable to criticize on Sunday morning news programs, Trump should be riding high.

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