AWFUL: Twitter Leftists Beg Baseball Shooter To 'Finish The Job' After Rep. Steve Scalise Votes For Tax Cut

The wounded Congressman just returned to work after recovering from gunshot wounds.

Rep. Steve Scalise has been back on the job in Congress for a little more than two months, after suffering a near-fatal gunshot wound in a mass shooting where he and other Republicans were targeted by a leftist out to kill conservative lawmakers over a political disagreement.

Scalise is also one of the key Republicans behind Wednesday's landmark tax reform bill, helping to usher the massive tax cut through the House twice, after a procedural issue doomed the first vote.

It took ghoulish leftists mere moments to make the connection — and, of course, suggest that the Congressional baseball diamond shooter should have finished the job.

Apparently, falsely claiming that millions would die as a result of Republican tax cuts wasn't enough, these social media creeps felt the need to add another body to the count.


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