Alec Baldwin Wants To Make His Trump Impersonation Into A One-Man Broadway Show

All Alec Baldwin, all the time.

Alec Baldwin is so enamored of his own Donald Trump impression that he's thinking of subjecting paying audiences to it for hours at a time.

Speaking to Howard Stern, Baldwin claimed he is working with "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels to turn his SNL Trump character into a one-man Broadway play. Baldwin and Michaels have already produced a parody Trump book starring Baldwin's impersonation, "You Can’t Spell America Without Me."

The show would crib from that, Baldwin says.

"We may take the book and make it into a one-man show on Broadway," Baldwin explained. "What Lorne did do is give me permission to write this book which was up to him to do. ... My rendering of him is his intellectual property. His people made it, his people wrote it; I just showed up."

Baldwin wouldn't be the first SNL alum to take a presidential monologue to the Great White Way. Will Ferrell made his impersonation of George W. Bush into his own one man show, "You’re Welcome, America: A Final Night With George W. Bush." The limited, off-Broadway run was successful, at least among local NYC theatergoers and theater critics who largely agreed with Ferrell's portrayal (but who, more recently, have claimed to wish for the Bush era back, if only it meant they wouldn't have to endure Trump).

If Baldwin chooses to do his one-man Broadway production, he should certainly follow Ferrell's lead: do the show off-Broadway, in a more artistic setting, designed to appeal to residents of New York City rather than traveling theater aficionados. As Michael Moore found out, when his one-man Broadway manifesto against Trump closed prematurely after lagging ticket sales, the people who pay to attend Broadway shows come mostly from flyover country.


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