The University of Rochester Medical Center has created a whole administration to promote "culturally sensitive" artwork to combat “visual microaggressions.”

According to Campus Reform, the URMC job posting seeks to fill the newly-created position of Diversity and Inclusion Education Director, which will be tasked with an “institutional-wide implicit bias training curriculum” and the creation of “an annual diversity and inclusion series” featuring various speakers.

The director will also work in concert with the school’s “aesthetics committee regarding culturally sensitive physical space including artwork,” providing advice on issues including “accessibility, gender-neutral space, [and] visual microaggressions.”

These trendy "Diversity Educator" positions have also popped at Middlebury College, where the Director of Diversity Education will be paid $61,215 to “facilitate difficult conversations” on issues including “microaggressions, bias, cultural capacity, inclusive pedagogy, diversity hiring practices, etc.”

"Although not required, Middlebury hopes that its new hire will also be 'someone with an intersectional lens' who can demonstrate 'experience in racial justice frameworks and social justice education.' Working knowledge of 'restorative justice principles,' a social-justice themed conflict resolution strategy, is also desired," reports Campus Reform.

The Stanford University Medical School added a similar position. Surprisingly, that job has remained open for several months. Its responsibilities include educating professors on “unconscious bias, microaggressions, change management for diversity, and other diversity and inclusion leadership topics.”