Left-Wing Media Taking Notice Of Clinton Camp's Fear Of Trump

In separate interviews aired Sunday on MSNBC and Fox News Channel, Donald Trump noted a change in approach towards him by the Clintons following his public admonition against the former first couple denigrating him as misogynistic.

Meet The Press’s host Chuck Todd asked Trump whether or not he was politically threatening the Clintons.

“You’ve said you’re willing to bring up Bill Clinton’s past with women if Hillary Clinton attacks you for being a sexist. So, is that a threat to her?” asked Todd.

“I don’t wanna say it’s a threat, but it’s a threat,” replied Trump.

“But it is a threat?” Todd asked for confirmation.

“Yeah, of course,” reiterated Trump.

Clinton had previously maligned Trump as having a “penchant for sexism,” following the New York City billionaire’s mocking of her late return to the debate stage following a visit to the restroom during a scheduled break.

“I said - wait a minute - she’s married to an abuser, a woman claimed rape and all sorts of things. I mean, horrible things. You read the books, they’re horrible,” added Trump, “and by the way, they’re become very unresponsive since then.”

“They have,” agreed Todd.

Later in the show, when speaking with guest panelists, Todd shared some of his insider knowledge of fears among Clinton’s campaign.

“I can tell you, there are some in Clinton World that are very nervous about this. Very nervous about this,” shared Todd.

“I am stunned by the willingness of some of Clinton’s supporters to fold everything Bill Clinton is accused of into a private matter. You know, philandering is a private matter. What Bill Clinton’s been accused of is not,” stated Jeff Greenfield.

Seemingly unable to follow the discussion, Robert Costa of The Washington Post interjected with speculation of Trump’s political strategy benefiting Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign. Costa has previously parroted the left-wing narrative of meaningful overlap between the appeals of both the campaigns, somehow allowing for one-way siphoning off of support from Trump to Sanders.

Speaking with Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday, Trump was asked about a recent campaign ad released on Instagram framing Clinton as hypocritical on “women’s rights.”

Wallace attempted to shield Bill Clinton, implying that his affair with Monica Lewinsky was the entirety of the former president’s history of sexual impropriety.

“As inappropriate as his relationship with Monica Lewinsky may have been, since she was an intern, it was consensual.”

“You’re talking about Monica, you’re talking about many. You’re talking about many. I mean, if you read the book, the book has other ones that were really horrible. You have one accusing [Bill Clinton] of rape and other things,” said Trump, correcting Wallace.

Many left-wing media outlets over recent weeks have sought to bury allegations of Bill Clinton’s commission of sexual assault and rape by Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and other women. Typically, this involves deliberate myopic framing of the Monica Lewinsky affair as the alpha and omega of sexual scandal involving Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Initially, left-wing media indirectly sent warnings to Trump’s campaign, stating that pointed criticisms of Bill Clinton’s sexual impropriety and allegations of his commission of sexual crimes were beyond the parameters of legitimate political discussion. Added to this narrative was a declaration that such criticisms would backfire - hurting Trump and benefiting the Clintons. Further, Clinton is regularly framed as a powerful political asset by left-wing media, rather than a liability.

None of these political prophecies have come to pass.

Watch the new ad below.

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