NFL Owner To Speak At March For Life

Changing pace from all the so-called "social justice" activism we've seen consuming the NFL as of late is Chicago Bears co-owner Pat McCaskey. The owner, a strong pro-life advocate, is set to speak at the 2018 March For Life Chicago, according to Life News.

Joining McCaskey will be a former Planned Parenthood director, the Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, and the Archbishop of Chicago — along with an expected 6,000-plus participants.

The gathering is organized to bring "people from all walks of life" together to "proclaim the sanctity of human life and call for an end to abortion."

"March for Life Chicago Board of Directors President Dawn Fitzpatrick explained that the peaceful march through the streets of Chicago is a reminder that people of Illinois and throughout the Midwest desire to change the societal perception of abortion," notes Life News.

Fitzpatrick said the theme for this year's march is "Love Saves Lives."

"Killing a child in the womb is never a viable answer. Abortion is not an acceptable solution to any problem. We believe that 'Love Saves Lives' and that is our theme for this year's March. We call upon religious, civic and community leaders to renew every effort to build a nation and culture dedicated to protecting life at every stage and eliminating the violence of abortion," said Fitzpatrick. "Thousands of individuals and groups will come together on January 14 to proclaim that our women, men, children and families deserve better than abortion."

The march will be held on January 14 (a date near the anniversary of the landmark abortion ruling of Roe v. Wade) at the city's Federal Plaza.

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