REPORT: Security Detail Loses Commerce Secretary In New York City

Wilbur Ross disappeared, forcing his guards to ask random strangers in the Hamptons for his wherabouts.

According to the New York Post, Donald Trump almost lost another Cabinet member last weekend, not to a resignation, but because a security detail reportedly lost track of him while he wandered around New York.

Sources told the Post that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was supposed to be hanging out in the Hamptons, but the former investment mogul somehow ditched his presidential-appointed security detail, leading the guards on a wild goose chase through the tony vacation town just outside Manhattan.

According to witnesses, panicked guards from the Commerce Department were asking strangers in the Golden Pear, a quaint eatery in Southampton, if they'd seen Ross, showing them photos of the Secretary and handing out cards that identified them as his security detail.

“His security people lost him in the Hamptons,” a Southampton "regular" told the Post. “They went into the Golden Pear in Southampton and said, ‘Has anyone seen him?’ They said they had lost him and asked anyone who spotted him to call them. They gave out cards that said ‘Commerce Department security’ — and told the owner, ‘If you see him, will you call us immediately?’”

Eventually, the detail caught up to Ross and accompanied him to New York City, then dined near the secretary at the Polo Bar near Trump Tower.

The Post does point out that others gave them a slightly less panicked version of the story, and claimed that Ross was just a tad late meeting up with his security detail after telling them he'd be grabbing a sandwich in the Southampton haunt.

Either way, the Commerce Secretary is now reportedly safe, sound, and back in Washington.

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