MORE FAKE NEWS: No, Omarosa Was NOT Physically Dragged Out Of The White House

Google "Omarosa" today and you'll get a bunch of interesting stories. Not news, mind you, but interesting nonetheless.

A former star (and villain) on Donald Trump's hit show "The Apprentice," Omarosa Manigault Newman announced on Wednesday that she will be leaving her White House post as director of communications for the Office of the Public Liaison on Jan. 20.

But that's not how the story got reported.

"Report: Omarosa 'physically dragged' from White House grounds," read the Fox News headline.

"Omarosa Manigault Was 'Dragged' Out of the White House in 'Drama'-Filled Departure: Reports," People magazine wrote.

"WSJ Report: Omarosa got bum’s rush from the White House," blared the Boston Herald.

But that wasn't the case at all. In fact, it was just more "fake news" — the kind the main resident of the White House truly detests.

Now, if anybody was going to do some escorting — or dragging, or "bum rushing" — at the White House, that'd be the United States Secret Service. But the USSS said no such thing happened, that the agency merely switched off her White House pass.

Yet the same report of Omarosa being hauled out of the White House kept being cited over and over. "An unnamed White House official told the Journal that Manigault Newman was 'physically dragged and escorted off the campus' late Tuesday," Fox reported.

The Journal's unnamed source supposedly backed up a slew of tweets posted on Twitter by April Ryan, the American Urban Radio Networks' White House correspondent. Ryan and Omarosa, who are both black, have had a contentious relationship.

Ryan once accused Omarosa of physically and verbally intimidating her and claimed that she had "dossiers" of negative information on her and other journalists. For her part, Omarosa accused Ryan of being paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign. Their tiff makes for fun reading in a February CNN story.

But back to what Ryan said on Wednesday, the day the White House announced Omarosa would be stepping down.

The White House and Secret Service said none of that happened. And President Trump clearly isn't mad at her.

But Ryan persisted.

Eventually, Ryan acknowledged that the USSS didn't drag Omarosa off the White House campus.

Uh, no one? Cuz' it didn't happen?

Twitterers ripped into Ryan.

Of course, Ryan never corrected her tweets — even as the USSS completely shot them down.

Same as it ever was.

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