Hillary, Hollywood Positively Giddy About Roy Moore Defeat

Hillary Clinton is ecstatic.

The two-time loser in her hunt for the White House, Clinton also tweeted: "Elections matter." A brilliant political mind, that.

But wait. Right now you're no doubt wondering what Barbra Streisand thinks of the Alabama election in which Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore. We got you covered, fam.

Need another brassy broad to weight in, the Poor Man's Barbra? Gotcha'.

Looking for someone who was famous more recently than the 1980s? On it.

Whoops, Milano was a TV star in the 1980s. How about we jump to the creator of "House of Cards," Beau Willimon.

Don't even think about the fact that "House of Cards" actor Kevin Spacey quite in shame after a slew of sexual harassment charges.

Need someone even less famous. How about the author of "The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs."

And there you go. That's what the B-list thinks. And the C-list. Even the D-list. We'll go check soon to see what the clerk at the 7-Eleven thinks.

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