Before his failed attack on Monday, the New York City subway terrorist posted a message to President Trump on Facebook declaring he had "failed to protect" the nation.

Akayed Ullah — a 27-year-old, ISIS-inspired immigrant from Bangladesh who made it into the country via so-called "chain migration" — was injured on Monday when a pipe bomb he was carrying prematurely exploded in an underground passageway near the Port Authority bus terminal. Ullah told police that he "did it for the Islamic State." While authorities say Ullah planned his attack to kill or injure as many innocent people as possible, he only managed to seriously injure himself. Five people reported minor injuries from the failed bombing.

On Tuesday, the federal complaint against Ullah revealed details from his social media activity. At least as early as 2014, Ullah began viewing radical Islamic propaganda, including messages from ISIS asking supporters to attack their homelands if they could not journey to the Middle East to join ISIS forces. The terrorist-in-training began to research how to construct explosive devices about a year ago.

According to the complaint, Ullah also left a message for President Trump. "Trump you failed to protect your nation," he wrote in a post on Facebook. Inside his passport, Ullah left a handwritten note declaring, "O America die in your rage."

Ullah potentially faces life in prison. He's been charged with five federal counts, including the use of a weapon of mass destruction.

On Monday, Bangladesh authorities issued a statement expressing their commitment to their policy of "'zero tolerance' against terrorism." The terror suspect's family, who immigrated from Bangladesh, issued their own statement Monday expressing "outrage" at New York law enforcement officials for allegedly treating them unfairly during the investigation.

"We are heartbroken by this attack on our city today and by the allegations being made against a member of our family. Our family like all families is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all New Yorkers," the family said in a statement presented by Islamic advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-New York. "But we are also outraged by the behavior of law enforcement officials during this investigation. Today, we have seen our children, as young as 4 years old, held out in the cold, detained as their parents were questioned. One teenage relative was pulled out of high school classes and interrogated without a lawyer, without his parents. These are not the actions that we expect from our justice system, and we hope to see better in the days and weeks to come. We also ask the press to respect our privacy and to give our family time to grieve this horrific development."​