WATCH: Seattle Seahawks Player Tries To Jump Into Stands After Fans Talk/Throw Trash

Late game player-on-player scuffle nearly turns into player-on-fan disaster.

In yet another moment the NFL really didn't need amid collapsing ratings, a late-game scuffle broke out between the Seattle Seahawks defense and the Jacksonville Jaguars offense on Sunday after Seahawks defenders — including Quinton Jefferson and Michael Bennett — took cheap shots on the Jags as they were taking a knee to end the game. The dirty play devolved into an ugly scene between the two teams, resulting in the ejection of Jefferson. But as bad a look as the player-on-player brawl was, what followed could have been far worse.

As Jefferson was being escorted off the field, angry Jaguars fans heckled him from the stands, prompting the 6'4", 291-lb defensive tackle to approach the stands and exchange some increasingly aggressive words with the raucous crowd. At one point, Jefferson began to turn as if to continue his long walk out of the stadium, but in response to more trash talking and throwing from fans, Jefferson rushed toward the stands and tried to jump up into the crowd before being pulled back by security personnel — who likely saved at least one fan, and the NFL, from suffering a black-eye.


The NFL has since announced that Jefferson will not face suspension for rushing the stands. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll largely shrugged off the incident. "I don't even know what happened," he said, adding, "He just kind of lost it. Somebody poured a beer on his head as he was walking out of the stadium. I told him that’s pro football. They pay to get in. They can do whatever they want, I guess."

Here's more footage of the scuffle between the two teams:

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