'Womb Raider' Pleads Guilty To Murdering Pregnant 22-Year-Old In Attempt To Steal Baby

On Monday, a North Dakota woman dubbed the "womb raider" pleaded guilty to murdering her pregnant 22-year-old neighbor in an attempt to steal the woman's baby for her and her boyfriend to raise as their own.

Brooke Crews, 38, pleaded guilty to lying to officers and conspiring to kidnap and murder Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, who was killed in Fargo in a "cruel and vicious act of depravity," according to Fargo Police Chief Dave Todd.

Investigators have yet to provide further details surrounding Greywind's death. "Fargo police have said Greywind died of 'homicidal violence.' Crews' attorney said Monday she wanted to take responsibility for her actions, but didn't offer details on how Greywind was killed," noted Fox News.

On August 19, Greywind, who was then 8-months pregnant, went missing. Eight days later, the young woman was found dead in Red River, her baby missing and her body wrapped in duct tape and plastic.

Upon the finding of Greywind's body, authorities thought the 22-year-old had her baby forcibly removed from her body, a victim of so-called "womb raiders."

But Crews claims Greywind went to her apartment for instructions on how to induce labor before returning to the apartment with the newborn baby girl (though Crews eventually admitted to "taking advantage" of Greywind, per Fox).

Crews' boyfriend, William Hoehn, recalled different circumstances. According to court documents, the boyfriend returned home on August 19 to find their bathroom covered in blood and Crews presenting him with Greywind's baby: "This is our baby," she allegedly told him. "This is our family."

Hoehn admitted to disposing of bags of bloody shoes and towels. He's set for trial in March.

Baby Haisley Jo survived the assault and is currently in her biological father's custody, Ashton Matheny. He was dating Greywind before her murder.

Crews, along with boyfriend Hoehn, 32, previously pleaded not guilty to the horrific crime.

Defense attorney Steven Mottinger said on Monday that the guilty plea “goes a long way in terms of us being able to argue for something less than life without parole.”

Crews is set for sentencing on January 16, according to KVRR.

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