Jennifer Lawrence Defends Harvey Weinstein But Says She'd Give Donald Trump 'A Martini To The Face'

The actress talked with the Hollywood Reporter about her relationship with the "paternal" mega-producer.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence sat down for an interview with Oprah in this month's Hollywood Reporter magazine, and she had some interesting things to say about the now-universally reviled Harvey Weinstein.

According to Lawrence, the dozens of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and rape allegations levied against the former Hollywood mega-producer were shocking, and it took her several days to come to terms with the idea that her "paternal" friend Harvey could have targeted, exploited, and abused so many women in her industry.

"Just speaking for myself, I had known him since I was 20, and he had only ever been nice to me — except for the moments that he wasn't, and then I called him an (expletive), and we moved on," she said. "He was paternal to me."

That's right, he was such a nice guy. At least Lawrence doesn't excuse Weinstein's behavior — though she comes close, saying he could be a "dog," and a tough negotiator — she says it took her weeks to "come to terms" with what was, essentially, an open secret among everyone else in Hollywood.

When asked what she thought should be done in light of the wave of sexual harassment allegations currently rocking Hollywood, she merely suggested that women should fight for "wage equality," and that "men need more social awareness."

The problem with Harvey Weinstein wasn't that he had no situational awareness.

But while she throttles back on her outrage when it comes to an alleged serial abuser who may have raped a number of her female colleagues, she has, at least, strong, "courageous" words for a man she really doesn't like: Donald Trump.

The actress claims she's prepared a speech, just in case she one day meets the president, and a plan of action. “I’ve got a pretty good speech,”she tells Oprah. “And it ends with a martini to the face. I have something to say for all of them. I watch different characters on the news, and I’m like, ‘You just wait.’”

The Secret Service probably won't feel as giddy about Lawrence's planned attack, but that's her problem.


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