He was once thought to be the "next Barack Obama," but now former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. is on the unemployment line after being terminated by Morgan Stanley for allegedly sexually harassing his coworkers.

The Huffington Post reports that Ford was terminated this week after an extensive human resources investigation that turned up an incident of misconduct with a woman who was not one of the financial services bureau's employees.

In an interview with the online magazine, a woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told the Huffington Post that she met Ford through Morgan Stanley, and that the two were supposed to be working together in a professional capacity. On an evening out with Ford, the woman claims he harassed and intimidated her, and then "forcibly grabbed her ... leading her to seek aid from a building security guard."

After the incident, Ford reportedly kept emailing the woman, asking her out to drinks, until she reminded him of his misbehavior. She then, apparently, contacted Morgan Stanley's HR department which, unlike the Weinstein Company's and Congress', took swift action, investigating and then firing Ford, Jr.

Ford joined Morgan Stanley after losing the race for Republican Sen. Bill Frist's seat in Tennessee. Ford's father, Ford Sr., held a House seat for more than three decades before retiring and basically handing off his position to his son. Ford, Jr. served for ten years before trying for a statewide position. Since that fateful decision, he's been working mostly in financial services and appears occasionally as a political analyst on MSNBC.

He was, until now, reportedly considering a return to public office.