Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) made wildly inaccurate claims in the House of Representatives on Wednesday as he tried to scare fellow representatives from voting in favor of national gun-carry reciprocity legislation.

Raskin claimed that in 2017 there have been nearly 400 shootings where four or more people were killed in the U.S., a claim that was inflated by well over 300 shootings, according to statistics reviewed by The Washington Free Beacon.

"Since January, we've had 397 gun massacres in America, defined as a slaying of 4 people or more," Raskin said. "The American people want to end this reign of terror but what do our friends do on the other side?"

Raskin's statement did not match statistics from any known database of shootings. The number of shootings that matched his criteria was 40 for 2017 — 357 less shootings than he claimed.

WFB cites the openly pro-gun control Mass Shooting Tracker's statistics, which show that from January 1, 2017 to December 4, 2017 there were 40 shootings in which 4 or more people were killed.

"The Mass Shooting Tracker's definition of mass shooting, where 4 or more people are injured but not necessarily killed in the shooting, is closer to Rep. Raskin's estimate," WFB notes. The media and gun control advocates have pushed for a new definition of what qualifies as a mass shooting by dropping the number of causalities required in a shooting for it to qualify in order to inflate the numbers, a tactic Mass Shooting Tracker takes despite contradicting the FBI's official definition.