International Women's Day, when feminist harpies tried to prove their value in the workforce by not showing up, was the most discussed moment on Facebook in 2017.

CNN claims that 2017 was the "year of the woman" and felt it "only fitting then that the biggest topic on the biggest social network this year was International Women's Day."

Confirmed by Facebook, International Women's Day was indeed the most-discussed moment of the year on the social media site.

"This was the No. 1 most talked-about moment in 2017, doubling from last year, with people around the world talking, sharing and posting in celebration of women and related issues," the social network said.

According to CNN, "International Women's Day, which started in the early 1900s, is an annual celebration recognizing women's economic, political and social achievements. It also serves to highlight the ongoing struggle for gender equality worldwide."

The day came just shortly after the Women's March this year; the big talk at the time was women trying to prove their worth by not showing up to work. Here were some of the other top moments from 2017 on Facebook:

-- Super Bowl 51: The social network said there were more than 262 million views of Super Bowl-related videos on the platform.

-- The Las Vegas attack

-- The Mexico earthquake

-- Hurricane Harvey: Facebook said users raised more than $20 million in the biggest fundraising effort for a single crisis this year.

-- One Love Manchester: The benefit concert was the most-viewed video and live broadcast on Facebook in 2017.

-- Total Solar Eclipse

The Women's March on Washington was also one of the largest moments on Facebook for a single cause. That event featured the likes of actress Ashley Judd having an emotional meltdown on stage and Madonna quipping about blowing up the White House.

Any fans of the march's signature "pussyhats" out there are in for a real treat; the Women's March will return with a vengeance in 2018.