Lauren Southern has had enough of double standards.

The conservative author and YouTube star says there's one set of standards for the liberal elite accused of sexual impropriety — and another set for everyone else.

“The elites play by a different set of rules,” Southern said Tuesday in an appearance on "The Andrew Klavan Show."

“When you have enough money to hire all the lawyers in the world to intimidate someone … to pay someone off, when you hold someone’s career in the palm of your hand, their success, their failure, of course you’re playing by a different set of rules than the average young man on college campus who will brush a woman’s arm and get kicked out of school these days," she said.

On immigration, Southern insisted that a free society cannot achieve those things with open borders and multiculturalism.

“It’s a myth! It hasn’t worked everywhere it has been applied,” she said. And she singled out the Canadian prime minister, who has all but embraced open borders.

“Justin Trudeau can say diversity is our strength over and over and over again, but as the face of the nation changes, and people find that multiculturalism is just segregated enclaves, that answer is not going to be good enough for the young people who find themselves an English-speaking minority in certain places," Southern said.

On The Daily Wire podcast, host Klavan dug into what shaped Southern’s alignment with the conservative and libertarian movements. “Did you start out there or did you have to take that trip?” he asked.

“I can thank where I am right now to wonderful parenting,” Southern said. “When I got home from school everyday, my father would start the drive home by asking me what I learned and instead of just saying, 'That’s great,' he would ask me questions to follow-up.”

“He gave me this nasty bug of being forced to ask questions about everything, and it ended up getting me in a lot of trouble,” she added.

Klavan brought up some controversy surrounding Southern, noting that members of the far left have accused her of being a racist religious bigot. “Defend yourself, Lauren,” he said jokingly.

Southern did so succinctly. “I want the highest amount of freedom with the highest amount of safety and peace and happiness,” she said.

Watch the interview below:

Lauren Southern is the author of "Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation" and a freelance journalist.