Sen. John McCain loves being in the spotlight — and he loves to be loved, especially, like Charles Foster Kane, by strangers.

Even at 81, the senator still longs to be loved. America dismissed him in 2008, opting for a first-term senator with no experience ever running anything, and since then, McCain has been on a quest to find that unrequited love — of strangers.

So it is that McCain came to tweet out a plea on Twitter Monday morning.

That means at the time, McCain had 2,999,926 followers.

But guess what? That plaintive plea had just the opposite effect. Followers started bailing in droves.

And right now, he has 2,977,805. That means not only did he not get those last 74 followers, but another 22,121 followers bolted.

Apparently, McCain's tweet just reminded so many followers just why they don't like the guy.

Well, that's a bit strong. Despite what President Trump says, McCain is a bona fide war hero who has dedicated his life to public service. Still, among conservatives, the media darling, dubbed a "maverick" for his proclivity to buck the Republican Party, is persona non grata of late.

But McCain voted for Trump's tax cut plan, and that drew the ire of some of his not-so-loyal followers.

And on and on they went.

But McCain's trying hard to get them back, tweeting this out on Tuesday: "Must-read @WSJ: 'Trump Leads From Behind in #Syria.'"

Ah, a little Trump bashing always swells the Twitter followers!